Pikake Flower Guide: a Beautiful Hawaiian Bloom With a Gorgeous Tropical Fragrance

This guide provides all the information you need to know about a pikake flower – a beatiful addition to any garden. Read on for more information about these Hawaiian blooms!
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pikake flower

Hawaii is known for its beautiful flowers, and the pikake flower is one of the most popular. Pikake flowers (Jasminum sambac) are white with a delicate fragrance, and they grow throughout Hawaii. If you’re lucky enough to see a pikake flower in bloom, be sure to take a sniff! This post will provide all the information about this plant.

Pikake Flower: Morphology and Habitat

The pikake flower is a beautiful and fragrant flower that originates from Hawaii and belongs to the Jasminum family. The scientific name for this flower is Jasminum sambac. The pikake flower has a very distinct and recognizable morphology. It has a long, slender stem with small, white flowers that have a strong and pleasant fragrance. The pikake flower is typically found in tropical climates and is often used in a Hawaiian lei or as a decoration. They were named by the princess Kaiulani, as they were her favorite flowers.

The pikake flower is most commonly found in Hawaii, but it can also be found in other tropical locations such as the Caribbean, South America, and even parts of Asia. This Hawaiian flower thrives in warm and humid climates. It is typically found in areas with full sun exposure and well-drained soil.

Pikake Flower: Growing Tips

If you are interested in growing Pikake flowers, it is important to know that they can be somewhat difficult to care for. They require regular watering and fertilizing, and they also need to be pruned regularly to encourage new growth. However, the payoff for all of this effort is a beautiful and aromatic flower that will add a touch of elegance to any garden.

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The smell of a pikake flower can be described as sweet and heavy, and is said to be similar to the smell of jasmine. Thanks to their floral scent, these plants are used widely to produce perfumes, fragrant oils, leis, jasmine teas and more. Pikake flower leis are popular in Hawaiian shops as a wedding decoration.

Pikake Flower: Symbolism

The pikake flower, also known as the Jasmine sambac, is a symbol of love and affection in Hawaiian culture. The pikake flower has a sweet, intoxicating fragrance that is said to be able to inspire love and passion. For this reason, the pikake flower is often used in leis and other Hawaiian floral arrangements. Pikake flowers are also used in traditional Hawaiian medicine as a way to soothe and calm the mind. Hawaiian pikake lei is considered to be a way to a woman’s heart.

The pikake lei is a popular choice for graduations, as the sweet fragrance of the flowers is said to represent the hope and promise of new beginnings. Pikake leis are often given as gifts to express love and appreciation.

What do you think about a pikake flower? Would you like to have these beautiful fragrant white blooms in your garden?

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